About Us

Islamic History for Kids aims to revive Islamic history by providing accessible stories with vibrant and engaging illustrations to jog the young minds. Show your children they have a rich and noble heritage with countless role models and heroes to look up to and emulate.


About the Author:

Qasim Riaz is an accomplished corporate executive who grew up reading about Islamic heroes like Khalid bin Waleed, Mohammad bin Qasim, Tipu Sultan, Tariq bin Ziyad, and Mehmood Ghazavi to name a few.   He named his first son Tipu Sultan in honor of the actual Tipu Sultan.  Unfortunately, few people, including Muslims know who Tipu Sultan is and when his son started school he had many teachers and students who couldn't say his name properly and some even asked him why his name was not "Muslim." Tipu told his Baba that he didn't like his name.  Qasim sat down with his son and explained who Tipu Sultan was and why he chose that name for him.   

It was at that moment Qasim decided that he would devote money and energy to help educate Muslim kids about their heritage and heroes who shaped the world around us. Thus, Islamic History for Kids was launched. 

The debut book, Islamic History for Kids-Story of Badr explains Badr's importance and lessons, including courage, valor, steadfastness, and placing your trust in Allah alone, all in an age-appropriate manner. 

Our second book, Islamic History for Kids - Story of Uhud talks about the challenges and sacrifices that were made by the Prophet (SAW) and the Companions (RA) to keep the light of Islam burning bright.  Kids learn about love, listening the elders, consequences for disobedience,  and how to handle adversity.  

These books are first in a series that aims to show our children that they have countless role models and heroes to look up to and emulate. All proceeds will be used to continue this work and create the next set of books in the series.